Our Sensory Bath

Our Sensory Bath

The other afternoon I was at a loss as to what to do. We have been stuck inside a lot lately with the weather and it was still very cold outside. With H coming down with a cold herself I didn’t want to risk it getting worse so we had to remain indoors. It was bath night that night so I wondered if there was something fun we could do there.

It didn’t take me long to find lots of sensory fun you could have whilst having a splash! I stumbled across Multiple Mummy’s blog and found she had written a post about fun with her children in the bath, inspired by a blog I have not previously read, Growing a Jeweled Rose. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t seen this blog before as it has an endless supply of messy play activities and there were several bath ideas.

I decided to go with coloured water and some painting with coloured shaving foam. I dashed upstairs to run the bath and quickly made up the shaving foam. Mr H only had blue shaving gel in the cupboard so unfortunately the colours didn’t come out quite as well as intended (many were a bit of a murky orange/brown), and my red food colouring was a bit rubbish so the water was orange rather than red, but never mind. I added some colour-themed toys and we were ready!

Baby J loves his baths so any kind of water-related activity is fine by him. H ought the idea of painting on the tiles and not getting into trouble was fantastic and happily ‘painted’ away on some palettes I’d made out of coloured paper and stuck to the wall. Baby J meanwhile enjoyed sucking on the painting sponges and splashing about next to her!


I’d also filled an old shampoo bottle with blue water and, once I’d washed Baby J, I handed this to H to keep her occupied whilst I got him dry.

I showed her how to squeeze the bottle and she had fun watching the water change colour (the orange water then turned green instead of the intended purple so my gathered colour-related toys went out of the window!

Little H really enjoyed this bath time especially that she could paint so freely (I’m rather a particular mummy so messy paint has not been attempted yet). She keeps asking for the paintbrushes every time she has a bath now!

So there we have it – a boring afternoon turned into a colourful water world of activity!

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