To My Babies

To My Babies

Dear Little H & Baby J

It has been two years and two months since between you, you first changed our lives. Those 40 hours, which seemed so long at the time, now seem such a long time ago. A time when we were not mummy and daddy, but just us, preparing ourselves for our new roles. Back then we were living in California, in a three bedroom apartment and a long way from home. That time in America gave us a chance to enjoy our time together alone and get to know each other that little bit more as well as confirmed for us how happy we were with our lives at home in England. It also changed us in one significant way – it brought you to us.

We had been waiting four long years for you, Baby Girl. We had even come to think that you weren’t meant to be ours and were starting to prepare ourselves to never be parents. It turns out you were there all along, biding your time and waiting until we were ready to be the best the parents we could be. Waiting for the time when we were at our happiest, strongest and most stable. Before then I don’t think we were ready, and you knew this, so gave us time.

What you brought us was the happiest of moments. You were such a good baby, slept well, fed well and had the cheeriest of manners. You filled our hearts with your sunny nature and despite the terrible twos, this has never changed. You charm everyone with your beautiful, sunny nature. My favourite time of day is snuggling next to you and singing your favourites – ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and ‘How Much Is That Doggy’ – as I tuck you in.

As we sailed along as a threesome, you had other ideas, Little Man. You were a cheeky surprise that we were thrilled to discover. After only nine months since the arrival of your big sister, and two months after we returned home to England, you decided to shake things up. And that cheekiness can be seen every day – in your smile, the way you sneak up on your big sister as she plays (much to her discernment) and the way you giggle when we play peekaboo. That dimple-filled smile peering over your cot on a morning is hard to resist. You made our family truly complete.

So here’s a little note to you my babies. To let you know how precious you are to us. How you fill every day with wonder. And how we wouldn’t be us without you. I promise every day to tell you I love you, to make sure you are secure and happy and keep a little piece of you in my heart with every step I take.

All our love, darlings, now and forever.

Mummy & Daddy

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