Roommates Peel & Stick Review

Roommates Peel & Stick Review

We recently moved into our new house and I have set to work picking out items and decorating, making it our home. However with it being a new-build we are unable to paint or wallpaper for a while whilst it settles into place, so I have been trying to decide to do with the childrens’ rooms in the meantime. I have used decals before so was considering them when I came upon the Rommates Peel & Stick decals, available from Toddlerland.

These are removable stickers and are available in several styles and sizes so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered the Happi Cupcake RoomPack which has a princess and cupcake theme and comes with 56 wall decals, including a castle, carriage and lots of cupcake trees and butterflies. Perfect for my little lady!

It took me a while to get the design on H’s wall just right, so I was glad these were removable. I’m quite particular about how things look (I drive Mr H crazy shouting ‘left a bit, no down a bit’ at him as he patiently waits to bang a nail into the wall!) so it was great that I could stick and restick to my heart’s content.

I love the stickers, they have added the perfect touch to my little lady’s room, and what’s more she loves them herself! She pointed out all the items, especially the butterflies, on first inspection and keeps saying to me ‘look mummy’ when she spots something new.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone, in fact I have also bought the Jungle Adventure pack for Baby J’s room! They are available at Todderland and start at £14.99.

*I was sent the items to review for free, however all opinions are my own.

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