Little H turns two!

Little H turns two!

On December 19th our little lady turned two years old! No longer a baby, we now enter the terrible two stage! I can’t believe it is two years since that long weekend in America when she finally arrived into our lives.

Well Little H is definitely a strong character and knows her own mind. She can often be found bossing Mummy and Daddy around – ‘sit down Daddy’ or ‘colour Mummy’ are common commands! Of course we willingly oblige (usually!). Tantrums are becoming me of an occurrence although she’s not as bad as I’ve heard she could be. She generally throws herself onto the floor and just lays there sulking. Maybe she takes after her mummy a little there? Just lately she has been found nose-first in cupboards and most recently has sneaked a chocolate rabbit out and I found her covered in it. There has also been an incident of being discovered mouth-full with toothpaste when she found her way upstairs without me realising!

She is back to sleeping twelve hours through the night, but now plays until about 8.30 in her room, until she is ready to sleep. This can mean a lie-in for mummy though so who are we to challenge it! We have just started potty training, but as mummy isn’t willing to have accidents on her new beige carpet, it is slow going. She has amassed five stickers on her reward chart so far though.

She loves her little brother to bits, although she’s not quite as keen when he charges over and grabs all her perfectly lined up toys! She is learning to share though and will give him one of her toys whilst she plays with the rest. Quite often recently I’ve found them chasing each other or hiding in a den together, giggling away. It is lovely to see them playing together.

We are so proud of our baby girl, and every day I tell her to stop growing up! I do love this age, although it does come with it’s trials. She still comes for cuddles, wants me to play with her and has such a childlike innocence and joy with every new discovery. I try to relish all these special moments as I know this stage won’t last forever.

Love you, baby girl!


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