Our Special Sensory Box

Our Special Sensory Box

At this time of year when it is freezing outside or raining its hard to keep your toddler occupied. I recently put together a daily routine to try and make sure that we are doing different things and learning new things every day, rather than just sitting as watch TV. So on a morning when H is usually at her most awake (she is definitely a morning person, unlike mummy) we do active things or sensory activities.
The sensory box has always been a favourite – I love going round the house putting random things in a box and letting H explore. She hasn’t always been one for sitting and oohing over a ribbon for half an hour, she’d rather bang on the box, but either way she finds enjoyment out of exploring the different objects and experimenting with different ways of using them.

It has been a while since I put a box together as I have been so busy with the house move, so I now had to think of things more suited to a two year old than an eighteen month old. I gathered a ton of items from washing up gloves to sparkly ribbon to tin foil and added a few pieces of chocolate as a nice surprise and presented the box.

I always find it interesting how she uses each thing. The sparkly ribbon became a necklace, the silver cloth a blanket for dolly, the eraser a cake and the foil strips a bow! She had a great time and mummy got five minutes to get dressed! If you want a quick and easy activity to keep your toddler entertained and their minds working give it a try!

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