Baby J is Six Months Old!

Baby J is Six Months Old!

I can’t believe how the time has gone by! Six months ago and I had just given birth to my beautiful baby boy and then the fun began! There has been many a challenge to face and having two under two has definitely been interesting, but our family is now complete and we are gradually starting to settle in.
Baby J had a hard time at first with colic, but since it cleared up we have discovered he is such a happy little fellow, with a smile always at the ready – who wouldn’t want to show off those delicious dimples! He loves his jumperoo, it was definitely a perfect purchase, and loves to bounce up and down wherever you stand him!

We still haven’t decided what colour his hair is gong to be – it seems to change every day! From blonde to brown to red, who knows! A lot of people comment that he looks like me or my dad and he definitely has my big eyes, inherited from my Grandad. He is a chunky little thing now and can be quite a handful to hold onto for any length of time!

He has just started to try and crawl. I keep hoping he might wait until after Christmas, but he’s already rolling everywhere anywhere I keep finding him pulling at the baubles on the bottom of the tree! He is into everything and loves to make his way over to where his sister is happily playing and destroy anything she has set up, much to her discern! He has also just started to become a bit more vocal and is saying ‘yaya’ quite a bit, despite my attempts to encourage a mama!

He is still not sleeping through, though, and the sleepless nights are the hardest to contend with, especially with having a toddler to then entertain on little sleep! Of course many a mum faces this trial but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear yourself. I just keep hoping that one day I’ll fill him enough to get through the night!!

On the whole he is a handsome happy little chappy that we couldn’t imagine not having in our lives. I eagerly anticipate every milestone and cannot wait to see my two babies playing together very soon, whilst I can maybe sit with a brew and relax, for a moment!

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