Moving House

Moving House

Last Friday we moved into our beautiful new house. After moving seven times in the last six years (three of those moves being around 5000 miles!) we are determined this one will be the house that lasts!
It was a different move this time around with two little ones to contend with. Whilst their Pops watched them for us on the move day, the following days trying to unpack, put up shelves and all the other menial tasks involved, whilst having them around has been a huge challenge.

Baby J had settled in quite well and has actually started sleeping through, much to my relief! However at six months old he is too young to realise the change. Little H has been another story. The usually easy-going 13 hour sleeper refused to go to bed, was up every two hours screaming and then waking at six am! She has found sleeping in a strange environment quite a shock and it was only last night that she settled a little easier, although she is still waking.

But on the whole we are over the moon with our lovely house. Being brand new we have the opportunity to do exactly what we want, so I have been in my element, scouring Pinterest for ideas and sending Mr H all over the North West collecting my EBay purchases (my latest project being a Monks Bench which I am very excited about!). We plan on putting our Christmas tree up at the weekend and in two weeks celebrate our baby girl’s second birthday!

I am looking forward to making more beautiful memories and having a place our children will remember as the house they grew up in. First steps, days at school and riding bikes are all events our house will be witness to and after years of one move after another I am happy to say that I finally feel settled.

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