Today I had my first ‘proud’ moment. Of course, I’m proud of my kids every day, but it was a type of proud brought on by someone else. My first tears to my eyes kind of proud.

Little H has been attending nursery since July. At first she was unsure every time I left her and it has taken her a long time to settle in. Because of this they told me she was very quiet whilst she was there, which came as a surprise as she is such a chatterbox at home!

So today her key worker came out to tell me she had spoken loads today, named all the animals and their noises, shown them what a plane does and joined in with the songs and actions. They then commented on how well she picks things up and said she seems very bright.

Now I know brains aren’t everything and it will be far more important to me that my children are happy than them having some high-flying job, but it is lovely to have someone else clarify that they are being successful in their development.

I just feel so proud of the little person we get the privilege of calling daughter. Those few words brought a little lump to my throat.

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