Big Questions From Little People Book Review

Big Questions From Little People Book Review

I heard about the book Big Questions From Little People a while ago and thought the concept was a really good idea. Children ask so many questions and us adults are supposed to have the answers. So what do you do when your little one asks you why is the sea salty? Or what makes me me? Well be stumped no more. Many well-known and knowledgeable experts, including David Attenborough and Bear Grylls, have come together to provide the answers to these and many other questions asked by children aged five to twelve.
The book was conceived to raise money for the NSPCC and over half the royalties will go to the charity. At £9.99 it’s a great opportunity to help out a good cause and solve those little mysteries for our inquisitive mites.

You can also join in the search for the biggest Big Question on twitter using the hashtag #bigqs or Facebook.

Created by Faber and Faber for the book Big Questions From Little People. INFOGRAPHIC: What Big Questions are on Your Child’s Mind?

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