Mummy Tummy Memoirs – Week Four

Mummy Tummy Memoirs – Week Four

After a busy week last week (post to follow) I missed my Mummy Tummy Memoirs week three post – lets hope this leads to a bigger drop from week two!

I’ve broken the eight stone mark! I am so pleased that I’m half way to my goal weight! No doubt it will slow down but if I can get there before Christmas I will be thrilled (as long as that turkey doesn’t send me straight back to where I was!). I keep getting the odd comment about the weight I’ve lost too, which is always a booster, and it is clearly coming off my waist – 2.5″ in two weeks!

Yet again I’ve not had the chance to do much exercise but our busy weekend last weekend made a difference as I did a lot more hard labour than usual! I have also been trying to do some sit-ups when I remember. It’s safe to say my stomach muscles aren’t what they were – after ten I’m out of breath!

Slow and steady, as they say….

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