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With Halloween just around the corner I was more than happy to receive a lovely costume from the very friendly people at for Little H to try out. Although she is a bit young for trick or treating, I’m sure there will at least be a party at nursery for her to dress up in her little pumpkin costume. provide costumes for adults and children and the toddler plush pumpkin one I selected is suitable for children up to 24 months and is priced £13.99.

Little H laughed in glee when we saw it and was quite keen to try it in. She isn’t sure of hats and, as expected, this one didn’t last very long. The outfit itself was a little in the short side and her nappy keep peeping out from below but H is 21 months and on the taller size and a nice pair of tights would soon rectify this problem.

For £13.99, I felt the outfit was of good quality and as it will only be used for a couple of wearings he price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend for your costume needs and with Halloween coming up what better time to give them a try!

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