Mummy Tummy Memoirs: Week One

Mummy Tummy Memoirs: Week One

Slim at 18 years old

Growing up I watched by Nana constantly trying this diet and that diet, watching her weight and always miserable about her size. I always swore I would not follow in her footsteps and no matter my size, I would not spend my life miserable. And up until recently I never had to worry about it. At eighteen I was a size 6 and weighed a mere 6 1/2 stone.

Cut to ten (ish) years later, having had two children in eighteen months, with little time to watch what I eat or energy to do anything about it, my figure is definitely not what it was. I find myself looking in the mirror depressed and struggling to find clothes that look good or fit right. I know the stretchmarks, though they may fade, will never go and my two c-section scars are certainly here to stay, but I don’t mind that. In fact I wear them with a certain amount of pride – they are my battle scars. However the wobbly bits and the muffin top are not welcome additions.

Definitely more rounded now

So it is with some anxiety and determination I have decided to try my hardest to get my to my old self. By that I don’t mean my eighteen year old figure, that is long gone, but I would like to return to a size eight and about 7 1/2 stone. At my slight 4ft10 frame I would be happy with this. By eating right and trying to do some form of exercise every day I hope to gradually drop those unwanted lb’s. I aim to do a weekly update of how I am doing along with photos so I can compare each week. And I have decided to share my journey here, to give me some motivation and maybe help someone else along the way. So here I stand, mummy tummy out for the world to see, vulnerable but determined. Wish me luck!

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