Total Greek Yoghurt Review

Total Greek Yoghurt Review

When I was contacted by Alison at Total Greek about reviewing some of their new raspberry and pomegranate split pots I thought it would be a great idea. Their yoghurts are fat free so perfect timing for my post-baby, pre-holiday diet I had planned! When the van pulled up with my delivery I couldn’t believe it. Not only had they sent me several split pots, in four different flavours, but they had also thrown in two large tubs of plain Greek yoghurt!

Now I’m not one for bits in yoghurts and tend to stay away from fruity ones for this very reason. With this mind I wasn’t sure how keen I would be on these yoghurts. The honey one fell beyond this remit so they were lovely, but I was nervous about trying the others. The first one I decided to give a go was the newest flavour, raspberry and pomegranate and I was very pleasantly surprised. The only bits in it were the pomegranate seeds, the raspberry was more of a sauce and it made the yoghurt taste so sweet and fruity. I have to admit the strawberry and blueberry did have quite a few bits in, but they were more like fruit pieces than ‘bits’ so it didn’t seem quite as bad. However for those of you who don’t mind the bits, you will love these!

A full fat-free fridge!

The tubs of yoghurt were also greatly appreciated. I have started having fruit with yoghurt for breakfast so these tubs were perfect. Topped off with a little granola it was truly a tasty breakfast. The tubs lasted me ages too so definitely value for money.

Breakfast time!

I am really impressed with these yoghurts and will certainly continue to use them. I can’t believe for natural yoghurt with 0% at how great they taste.  If you are looking for a healthy snack that still packs the flavour, Total Greek are definitely worth a try! Visit for more information.

*I was sent the yoghurts for review for free, however all opinions are my own.

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