My Week That Was – Passport Saga & Blogging Crisis

My Week That Was – Passport Saga & Blogging Crisis

Here we are on Monday again and I am definitely counting down to our holidays in just over two weeks! After the events of the last few months I think we all need a break. Here is how last week went.

On Monday H attended nursery in the morning. We are slowly getting used to this new routine and they told me she was much better today. I spent most of the afternoon trying to catch up on housework whilst H enjoyed playing with her playdough! Mr H and I have also agreed that Monday evening can be my night off for a little bit. A friend and I are supposed to be trying a Zumba class nearby. This week my friend was too tired from work to join me so I thought I would break open my Davina McCall post-natal workout DVD. Forty minutes later I then took a brisk walk/ jog around our estate before returning home to a nice bath. I felt so much better for just doing something.

On Tuesday Baby J and I took our first Baby Massage class whilst H stayed with her grandparents. We had a nice time and he seemed to love it, not crying once. I also appreciated a bit of alternative adult conversation. As much as I love my in-laws and my parents, sometimes you need a chat with someone who can relate to your situation. After staying for lunch at my in-laws I returned home and then dealt with a screaming baby all day, I was fraught when Mr H returned home that evening!

The next day the children and I had a pj day at home. I gave Baby J a massage in the morning using the techniques I had picked up. Unfortunately he then proceeded to scream yet again for the rest of the day. I don’t think it helps his colic at all, despite how much it is supposed to. I am still going to go to the classes, though, for the social element. I will just have to skip the tummy parts I think.

On Thursday my mum came to stay. It is a few weeks since she has stayed here as she has been needing to be at home with my dad, but now he has the all clear she can finally come visit. We took a trip to my local Asda as I needed to get Baby J’s passport sorted. I knew I was leaving it a bit close to the holiday but also was aware that there is a two week service available so wasn’t worried. Queue me crying all over the poor lady at the post office desk when she informed me due to the time of year it would take six weeks and there was nothing they could do. She must have taken pity on me as she went off to make a phone call and came back with a number for the fast track service. After the drama at the supermarket we returned home and I rang the passport office. After the lady on the phone checking office after office to see if anyone could see us in time to get the passport back, there were only two places left to try – Glasgow and Belfast! Fortunately Glasgow had a space available, I didn’t really fancy getting to Belfast, but it means we now have a six hour round trip next Saturday to get it sorted, and that the passport will only arrive three days before we leave!! Stressed is a major understatement and I have been in a terrible mood since then. I have no idea what we will do if anything goes wrong and Baby J can’t go with us.

On Friday I took H to nursery again and then Baby J, mum and I went once more to another Asda to set about putting together a present for my friends 30th, whose party it was the that night. Talk about last minute at the moment! That was also a bit of a trial as I ended up printing off far too many photos without thinking, costing me a fortune! I also bobbed in Next whilst I was nearby and bought myself some jeans as I don’t fit into ANY that I own now! Of course I couldn’t resist buying H some pretty clothes too!

On Saturday Mr H mowed the lawn in the morning and we decided to make the most of a sunny day and took a trip to Tatton Park, a nearby National Trust Park. There is a large park there that H had a good time exploring and then a merry-go-round in the courtyard. I loved taking her on there and although she wasn’t sure at first and didn’t want to sit still, she soon enjoyed waving at daddy every time we went past! After that we went into their amazing gardens and let H have a run around. That evening we watched Mo Farah win his second gold medal. I have really loved watching the Olympics and am quite sad now it is all over, although there’s still the Paralympics to come of course!

I also received these beautiful wall letters in the post for Baby J’s room. They are by Daisy Days Designs, otherwise known as A Twenty Something Mum, so definitely check her out!

On Sunday Mr H and I were meant to be doing some much-needed weeding in the garden however the weather turned and in the end we couldn’t get out there. We did make it on a bit of a walk with our friend and his dog, though, although we got a bit wet! You wouldn’t think it was August!

So there we have my week. I’m having a bit of a blogging crisis at the moment and may take a bit of a break from it all. Watch this space.

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