My Week That Was – Birthday-Versary

My Week That Was – Birthday-Versary

Once again I am late with my weekly update, this is becoming a habit! I’ll try and gather my baby brain and remember what we did last week! As always, I am linking up with Katie at Mummy, Daddy & Me.

On Monday H went to nursery and Baby J and I relaxed at home with me trying to get some jobs done. That evening my friend and I decided to join a local Zumba class. I managed to get H and I fed at five, get myself dressed and ready and then Mr H took over when he got in from work. Cue us arriving at the location only to find the class wasn’t on! How typical! I refused to just return home after getting myself all geared up, however, so we resorted to a walk around our local Country Park (otherwise known as ‘The Flash’). It felt good just to get out and do something and be myself, sans children and hubby.

On Tuesday I drove to Yorkshire with the children to stay with my mum and dad. We had a nice shop at the local shopping centre where I spent a fortune once again in Primarni buying some bits for the kids to leave at my mums – it seems pointless having to pack a load of things every week. The next day my mum, the kids and I had a nice walk around New Millar Dam, and I even resisted an ice cream! I then returned home to some lovely packages, including my birthday pressie – a new IPhone 4! Excited is a huge understatement!

On Thursday we went to my in-laws so H could have a hair trim. I am growing her fringe out so she looks like a right ragamuffin at the moment – clips are a necessity in order for her to see! That evening Baby J gave his first proper laugh, which was at Daddy. It was really lovely as Mr H misses so many first moments, I was pleased he was there to witness this one at least.

Now that’s some bedhead!

On Friday the children and I had a nice day in together as I had some packages due (the postman hates me at the moment as I am testing a few products an am continually missing deliveries!).

On Saturday it was my birthday and our wedding anniversary (ie birthday-versary) and Mr H and I had planned to spend the night at a local hotel. It was fantastic to get some time away just the two of us and just what we needed. We had a nice long sleep, enjoyed some champagne in the jacuzzi bath and then had a lovely meal, with birthday cake, before enjoying a few drinks in the bar whilst watching Jess Ennis and Mo Farrah win gold. It my not have been an exciting time for many but I had a great birthday-versary!

Despite our best efforts, a lie-in was beyond us on Sunday morning, so we ventured down for breakfast before having a little stroll around the hotel gardens and lake. We then returned to collect the children from my shattered in-laws! We headed home in time for nap time and Daddy and the children all managed a sleep.

Tomorrow is the start of routine-forming for Baby J – fingers crossed everyone!

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