My Week That Was – The Games Begin!

My Week That Was – The Games Begin!

Yes, it’s that time of the week again, time for our weekly update! I’m late again due to my laptop spending the week with my dad being fixed, hopefully I’ll get back on track next week!

On Monday H commenced her second week at nursery. After not being so good during her session on Friday I was a bit concerned as she just isn’t herself at the moment. She didn’t have a great day again, which isn’t nice, but I guess I have to persist. She is usually so outgoing and independent but for the last two weeks has been clingy and crying a lot and it’s not nice. The nursery staff must think she is a right whingy child!

On Tuesday I braced myself for a trip out on my own, to the supermarket! Talk about pushing the boat out! I found a trolley that held a baby and a toddler and managed to get both in without the trolley running down the hill of the car park with the children waving me off! We had a nice shop but H got fed up half way round and started crying. Bribery with grapes gave me some leeway, however I did have to rush round for the last few bits.
On Wednesday my parents came to visit and Mr H had the afternoon off work. It was nice to have my parents over as it has been a while since my dad visited. He had a peruse around our garden to see how overridden with weeds we are before we had a nice walk in the sun. Later in the afternoon we went to view a house with the possibility of renting somewhere else. It didn’t turn out to be the place for us but we are keeping our eyes peeled.
On Thursday a friend of mine came over with her three children and we all went for a lovely walk in the sun and then to the nearby park. It was lovely for H as my friends son is two and a half so they could play together. I then took Baby J for his first jabs whilst my friend stayed with H. He did well with the actual injections but was very upset for the rest of the day and I couldn’t put him down.

On Friday H went to nursery in the morning. She still wasn’t very good and was upset again when I picked her up, which makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing putting her in nursery. I am going to persevere though and hopefully she will settle down. After I picked her up I drove to my parents in Yorkshire as Mr H was having a night out in Liverpool with his workmates and I didn’t fancy having both kids all night on my own. Both babies slept in the car so I had a peaceful journey but when we got there H still wasn’t right and wouldn’t leave my side. That night we all watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I found some of it a bit hard to follow, but it makes me so proud to be the host nation this year and I’m looking forward to watching all the activities over the next two weeks.

On Saturday the kids, my sister and I met my mum and Nana at M&S for a quick browse in the shops and some lunch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my Nana and I’m sure she enjoyed seeing the children. Afterwards the children and I returned home to a very hungover Mr H who ended up spending the rest of the day asleep on the sofa. Safe to say I wasn’t too impressed!

On Sunday after Mr H had been made to looked after Baby J through the night, we got up to rain. Our local park was hosting an Olympic-themed day so it was a shame as we were hoping to spend a bit of time there. Instead our friends came over and we had a roast dinner together whilst the kids played and once the weather eased off we all had a short walk around our estate.

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