Farmyard Antics

Farmyard Antics

A couple of weeks ago Mr H took a long weekend and we decided to take advantage of the rare good weather and have a family day out. We visited the zoo with H for the first time in March and since then I have been wanting to go to the farm. After putting a shout out for recommendations to friends on Facebook, we settled on Stockley Farm in Warrington. So after roping in some friends to join us, we packed up the car, bundled in the kids and set off on our trip.

Stockley Farm is a 750 acre farm open to the public. They host various fun events including Pig Week and Wellie Week, they do activities with the animals and this year marks their 25th year of being open to the public.

Our day began with a tractor and trailer ride to the farm which I was thought was a great, authentic way to get you into the spirit and the kids loved bouncing along in the bales of hay! Once we arrived at the farm there was a board which indicated what was going on throughout the day and where as well as a cafe and ice cream shop, ready for when we need refreshments.

We visited the horses first and H was fascinated by the large beasts (at least compared to her Happyland toys they are!). Meanwhile her friend said hello to a little Shetland. Then it was over to the barn full of cows, pigs, including some piglets, a bull and some guinea pigs which the kids could hold. I have to say I wasn’t keen when the cows started licking our hands but the kids didn’t seem to mind, neither did Mr H for that matter!

Then followed a gathering in another barn where the staff brought in some lambs and a bottle was passed around for all the kids to feed one. It was very cute to watch! After that we saw some birds of prey and then the milking cows, which H tried to climb into the stall of!

After all that animal fun the mummies sat down for a rest and chat whilst the daddies took the kids to play in the play centre and then the huge playground, which was really great for the kids to run around in.

Stockley Farm is not the largest farm there is but we had a great day out nevertheless. The tractor ride was a fun introduction and there were enough animals to keep the children entertained. It may not keep older kids interest for too long, but if you want somewhere fun to go for the afternoon I would definitely recommend it.

The prices are £8.75 for Adults, £7.75 for Children (2 to 16) and £1.25 for Children under 2 (babies got in for free), so it worked out quite reasonable for us. For more information head to Stockley Farm’s website.

*I was not asked to write this post, I simply wanted to share my experience of a great place!

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