My Week That Was – A Paddling Pool

My Week That Was – A Paddling Pool

It only seems like two minutes since I last posted my week that was due to being so late last week! Anyways, here is this weeks update!

On Monday it was H’s first proper morning at nursery. She wasn’t bothered at all when I dropped her off and when I picked her up they said apart from getting a little tired she had done great. It also gave me four hours to get jobs done at home and spend some time with Baby J – I even managed to get the slow cooker on! Although he has been smiling a little bit for a week or so, this was the first time I actually got the proof!

On Tuesday we were all feeling a lot better from our colds so finally managed to make it over to Yorkshire to see my parents. It had been two weeks since our last visit and after spending so much time there when dad was in hospital, it felt like ages since I’d seen them! Dad was very tired so we didn’t do very much, but mum and the kids and I did manage a trip to the local shopping centre for my birthday present – some lovely luggage for our hols!

We returned home on Thursday afternoon to lots of packages thanks to too much online shopping lately! I then tried to have a much needed nap whilst the babies slept themselves, however it was not to be as they both refused point blank to take some zz’s!

Friday morning was H’s second session at nursery, which didn’t go quite as well as the first and as soon as I walked in to pick her up she burst into tears. We put it down to teething as she is not normally bothered. That afternoon we went to my in-laws and had a nice afternoon with the childrens’ grandma and were then joined by Mr H and his sister and her husband that evening. They emigrated on Saturday so we spent the evening having a few quite drinks to see them off.

On Saturday Baby J and I returned to the doctors as we are both still not right since he was born. Queue more prescriptions! We then all spent the rest of the day around the house and after I had a nap we had a walk around our estate as there is a large field area in the middle of it which makes it quite nice.

On Sunday the weather was gorgeous so I decided to take the opportunity to give our overgrown garden some much needed TLC. We then decided to make the most of it and got out the paddling pool for H and our friend came over with her little girl to join in. Mr H filled the pool with the hosepipe, as is the way, but it ended up a tad chilly for the little ladies so I had to fill a few kettles to try and reduce the chance of frostbitten tootsies! Nevertheless it was lovely to watch the girls play. It’s normal days like this which make me feel like a proper family, and it’s lovely.

So there is my Week That Was. Head over to Mummy, Daddy & Me and share your stories with Katie and Mads!

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