Pretty.Little.Things – Coming Home Outfit

Pretty.Little.Things – Coming Home Outfit

First of all Vikki and I would like to thank those of you who entered last week and announce our winner, Misty from It’s Misty…Seriously. Not only did she post some gorgeous pictures of her little girl in her brilliant Brights, but it was also her first week joining in! Congratulations to you and do wear the Pretty.Little.Things badge to celebrate!

Over to this weeks theme of ‘Coming Home Outfit.’ Before they were born, I had planned an outfit for both H and Baby J. For H it was a lovely white sleepsuit with purple dots and a big purple flower on one side. It was by the American brand Carters who do some lovely things and she looked so cute when we first dressed her in it. For Baby J it was a sleepsuit from the pack we had bought the day we found out he was going to be a boy. However due to various spit-ups during our hospital stay J quickly went through every sleepsuit I had taken in. In the end his coming home outfit was from a present someone had given me that I had to rip open the day we were coming home! Unfortunately we didn’t get a very good photo of H but here are my babies pictures.

So there are my babies and their coming home outfit stories! Share your photos of your treasures and their first journey into the world outside! Add your posts to the linky below and don’t forget to shout about them on Facebook or twitter!

Next weeks theme is Waterbabies – although the weather has been rubbish, Vikki and I thought we would pick up our spirits by sharing our little ones in their swimsuits, splashing about! So don your babies in their swimming gear and inflatables, and share your pictures over at Love From Mummy next week.

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