My Week That Was – Sneezes and Sniffles

My Week That Was – Sneezes and Sniffles

A very late post this week! Yet another week has gone by and it’s time for my update. I hope people aren’t too bored of reading about our weeks, but I’m finding it a great record of the year and am really glad I joined in Katie’s linky at Mummy Daddy & Me! So here is our Week That Was…

On Monday H had a trial at nursery. For a while now Mr H and I have been considering whether H should attend nursery a couple of mornings a week. Not only would it give me a break but would also give H more social interaction rather than just being with me or family all the time. So this week she spent two hour sessions at our chosen nursery. She took to it like a duck to water, which is always a relief as you don’t want to think they’d be upset when you leave them. That night we managed to get both babies down in their own rooms for ten thirty, however it was not to be and Baby J then had us up til midnight once more!

On Tuesday Virgin media came to install our new TV and broadband, so the kids and I had a day indoors. The midwife also came to discharge me and everyone seemed to turn up at once so it was quite chaotic!

On Wednesday I took my car into the garage as a load of lights had suddenly flicked on the dashboard and according to the manual I could ‘no longer continue my journey.’ as I was planning a trip to Yorkshire the next day I thought it best to get it sorted first! Myself and the children spent the day with my mother-in-law and had a lovely walk to a nearby park where there were lots of ducks and squirrels for H to chase!

On Thursday my trip to Yorkshire ended up being cancelled, as both children and I had colds. With my dad not being long out of surgery we didn’t want to risk passing anything onto him. I was quite gutted though as I have got used to seeing my parents quite regularly and it had been a while since my last visit.

On Friday it was our friend’s 30th birthday, so we were all heading into Manchester for the night. My parents were supposed to be having baby J whilst Mr H’s parents minded H (I didn’t want to drop a toddler and a newborn in somebodies lap all at once!), but with the trip to Yorkshire cancelled, the task fell on my very kind in-laws who nervously agreed to have both overnight for us. So, after dropping off both children Mr H and I head into Manchester to book into our hotel, have a couple hours kip (a clear sign of our age) and then get dolled up for a night on the town! It was our first night out together since I got pregnant with H, so over two years, and we were very excited by the prospect of a night off! Safe to say we let our hair down, had a lovely meal at the fabulous Gaucho Grill and then partook in a few cheeky drinks in various bars. We stupidly didn’t get to bed til four, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on nights out??

On Saturday we awoke after less sleep than we would have looking after Baby J all night! We packed our hungover selves up and returned to see how my in-laws had coped with the two kids! It was pleased to see both kids and grandparents had made it through in one piece and we celebrated with a fry-up together! We then returned home so the kids and I could catch up on some sleep!

On Sunday Mr H was coerced into mowing our lawn, which was long overdue. Once more the weeds have grown taller than the plants, however Mr H cannot be trusted in just removing them and tends to hack down anything with a leaf, so that job will be saved for me. That afternoon we went over to our friends parents as their little girl is turning one. It is so strange how quickly all our babies are growing up, as she was born only a short time after we returned home from America last July. I can’t believe she is one already! The weather held our brilliantly for them and they managed to host the party in the garden which was great for the kids but knackering for us as we chased H round all afternoon! After a BBQ and cake we decided to head home and even managed an hour to ourselves as Baby J was in bed for nine!

All in all a good week and great weekend!

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