My Week That Was – Things Are On The Up!

My Week That Was – Things Are On The Up!

After barely being at home for quite a number of days, this week saw us finally returning to Lancashire and spending some quality family time together. This week has definitely been an improvement on the last one!

On Monday, after deciding to stay in Yorkshire with the children, my mum and I awoke to a phone call from my dad. He was being discharged that day! At one point we didn’t think he’d be home much before the following weekend so this was a great surprise! Before my mum set off to collect him, we had a quick trip to the local shopping centre where I picked up some banners and balloons to welcome our patient hone! H also enjoyed a ride on a little merry-go-round as she waited with grandma whilst I picked her some jammies up from Primarni.

 I then waited at home whilst my mum collected my dad, they ended up being quite a while but he finally rolled up at 6pm and H and I rushed out to greet him. It was a great occasion and we spent the evening with my sister recounting the past few days.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed with my parents trying to help them settle into things at home. It was hard work with the kids around and I did feel under feet some of the time, but we got through it. Dad is finding it hard to be a patient patient and not do too much, though. Mr H took the afternoon off work on Wednesday so came across to see my dad and drive us all home. We watched the tennis and had some tea and then head back to Manchester. Although I’m not going far, I didn’t want to leave. I got used to see my family all the time and it made me wish I lived closer.

Mr H had taken the rest of the week off work so we took the chance to spend some family time together. We spent Thursday at home, just relaxing in our pj’s. In the afternoon I went to the doctors as I am still having pains following my c section. The doctor thought it was related to the tear in my uterus and I’ve to return next week to have it checked.

On Friday we went to the Trafford Centre for the day and did a bit of shopping. Retail therapy it was not, however, and I left every shop more and more depressed that I couldn’t fit into anything. I certainly miss my pre-pregnancy body! We had a nice lunch together, though and then both babies fell asleep giving us a nice rest.

On Saturday we wanted to take a family day out and as the weather seemed to be holding out we decided to take a trip to a farm. Our friends who also have a toddler as well as twin babies came along with us and it was great to see the kids running off playing together with their daddies, whilst us mummies stayed with the babies and chatted! That evening a few friends came over for some drinks, which was the first rime I’d really had a drink since giving birth. It was also the first time us girls had drunk together for five years, due to each of us being pregnant at some time or another. It was a great night and just what I needed!
On Sunday I had a nice lie in whilst poor Mr H got up with the children – he is such a great dad and husband and really looks after us all. We hung around at home in the morning and then went to Mr H’s parents’ for tea.

All in all it has been such a great week and after the previous week it was much needed!

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