My Week That Was – Hospital Visits

My Week That Was – Hospital Visits

This week has to have been one of the most difficult ones ever. I’ll try and keep it as brief as I can, but to safe to say I’m glad it’s over and done with!

On Monday my dad went into Sheffield hospital ready for his triple heart bypass surgery the next day. After his last one was cancelled only hours before his surgery last Friday, we were all waiting with baited breath for confirmation it was going ahead this time.
On Tuesday my mum rang and was told his surgery was definitely going ahead. That morning Mr H’s parents came to collect H as they were due to keep her for the night whilst I went over to see my dad. My sister then came to collect me as I am still not driving following my c-section. Dad went into surgery during our drive over so we were both quite anxious.

Mum phoned the hospital at five but was told dad was still in surgery. When she phoned back at six he was only just out so she left it until nine to phone again. She was then told it all had gone fine and they were about to bring him round and take his breathing tube out. We were quite relieved it was all over and went to bed eager for more news the next day.

On Wednesday mum phoned and they said he’d had an ok night but was having some breathing problems. It was only at visiting that afternoon we were given the full information that his lung had collapsed. He was on a huge oxygen mask and looking very frail. He asked us not to return that night as he was very tired and Mr H came to collect me to return to Manchester.

On Thursday morning Mr H’s dad drove me into Warrington to register Baby J’s birth. It was a very easy and fast process, so now I just have to sort his passport out before our holidays in nine weeks! We then went back to my in-laws so I could spend a little time with H. We had all decided as my dad wasn’t too well it would be easier for her to stay with them a couple more as she cannot come into the hospital and having Baby J was hard enough to juggle. I felt very guilty when I left her and my father-in-law drove me back to Yorkshire, though. When I got back to my parents, my mum and sister had been that afternoon and said dad was still quite ill and hard started hallucinating. That evening I visited and he was still on oxygen and quite anxious. Little did I know what an awful night he had. If you would like to read more have a look at Heart Bypass: A Daughters Story Part I.

On Friday we rang to hear the news dad had become very anxious and upset. He was refusing the let them treat him and had tried to get out of bed through the night. Mum was very upset when she came off the phone and although we’d planned to go in one at a time so someone could stay in the waiting room with Baby J we decided we probably needed to go in together. In the end we only had Mr H’s parents to turn to and they drove all the way over with H to sit with the children. I am so thankful to have such fantastic in-laws and cannot thank them enough for their help over the last week. After we had seen dad in hospital we came away even more upset and worried. That night Mr H was going to once more pick us up after work but we returned with his parents instead, saving him a trip. After chippy tea we returned home exhausted and ready for our beds.

On Saturday Mr H had to drive his car for a service so was up early. We then tried to get the house a bit more in order before Mr H’s dad drove him to collect his car, after which we packed everything together to head back to Yorkshire. My mum and sisters had said dad wasn’t in the best of spirits but nothing prepared me for seeing him so frustrated. We left all quite upset and hoping to hear better news the next day.

How things turned around! The next day we walked into the hospital to see dad walking across the ward with a big smile on his face! We couldn’t have been more relieved and both visits that day flew by and only left us wishing we could have stayed with him longer. I decided to stay at my parents with the children so I could return to the hospital the next day. Waiting around for news at home didn’t sound too appealing to me.

So after a very hard week, it ended on a much more positive note, with us all eagerly awaiting dad’s discharge so we could welcome him home where he belonged.

Although it’s been a tough few days, here are a few photos of our week. Join in yourself over at Mummy, Daddy & Me.

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