My Week That Was – Hearts and Failures

My Week That Was – Hearts and Failures

This week has been an emotional one to say the least, if you don’t already know the full story check out No Room At The Inn.

On Monday my mum came to help us out once more, and for the last time in a while. With my dad having surgery she will be required to play nurse at home, to a not-so-gracious patient. I have to say a huge thank to her, since she has left us to our own devices the house is in complete chaos and we really appreciate her help.

On Tuesday morning the midwife came to check up in me and see how the triple infection was doing! She said things seemed a lot better, but I am still uncomfortable so she sent a sample off to make sure my bladder was a-ok. That afternoon we took the kids to the clinic to be weighed. It was hard work with two and I was once again grateful my mum was there. H is now 20lb5oz and has put in a meagre 8oz since she was nine months old. On the other end of the scale Baby J, who I thought going to be a slim jim, is now 9lb5oz – a whole 2lb more than his birth three weeks ago!

On Wednesday my sister came to stay to continue operation: sort out the H household. As the weather had decided to have a break from chucking it down, we took the opportunity to visit a nearby park and H enjoyed an hour running her Auntie L ragged!

On Thursday we all jumped in my sister’s car and surprised my mum with an early visit. She had taken my dad into hospital that day ready for his surgery the next afternoon and we wanted to be there when she returned home. I think she appreciated the distraction of running around after H at least.

On Friday my dad was set to have his surgery at midday. Two phone calls from him later and my mum was on her way to the hospital to collect him. He was discharged due to lack of beds, one hour before he should have been going to theatre. We were all shell-shocked by this and understandably fuming. My dad seemed to take it in the best spirits he could and we tried our utmost to take his mind away from the inevitable disappointment he must have been feeling. I was supposed to be staying the night but decided it would be easier to return home so Mr H came and collected me after work and we drove back in the pouring rain, which was quite apt considering my mood.

On Saturday Mr H’s sister and her husband were having a leaving party as they are emigrating to Germany in a few weeks. We spent the afternoon with them and then partook in a few drinks to send them on their way. It was nice to be able to have my much-missed Baileys, however as it is a while since I had an alcoholic beverage my tolerance is somewhat diminished so I had to watch myself. I don’t think my in-laws is the place for making an absolute fool of myself!

On Sunday we were pretty tired from the late night and then the mid-night feeds, so we spent most of the day in our jim-jams. After H had her tea we went to visit our friends who live around the corner and then returned home to watch the dreaded football. I don’t mind the odd game, but this one was like watching paint dry and after England failed to make two penalties Mr H was in a sulky mood. I was glad it was bedtime!

So there is my Week That Was. Head over to Mummy, Daddy & Me who is back from her jollys and once again hosting the linky.

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