Pretty.Little.Things – Calming Comforters

Pretty.Little.Things – Calming Comforters

Thank you to everyone who shared their babys’ first photos last week, we were so pleased with how many of you joined in! It was a really close call, but in the end we chose Family Four Fun who shared not one, but four amazing photos of her little ones! Please wear your Pretty.Little.Things badge with pride!

This week the theme is Calming Comforter. Since H was about three months old she has used a little pink blankie as her comforter. When we gave her it that first time she cuddled it up to her face and suddenly became all sleepy – we couldn’t believe it! Now blankie is still her sleeping aid and when it comes out she knows its bedtime. It is also a little comfort when she is feeling poorly and she snuggles down next to me or Mr H and holds her blankie tight.

What does your little one use as a comforter? Is it a favourite teddy? Or perhaps a muslin? It could be something totally random! Use the linky below to share your posts and we will choose our favourite one. Don’t forget to have a look at what Vikki’s little monkey uses to comfort himself over at Love From Mummy.

Next week’s theme is Funky Footwear. As a girly girl I love shoes and H’s aunties are both determined to ensure she follows in their fashionable footsteps too, so already H has gathered an impressive amount of shoes (that’s nothing compared to her wardrobe that has outgrown mine already, but that’s a whole other post)! So next week we will be sharing all our little ones funky footwear, get your pics at the ready!

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