From This Moment – Always A Mummy

From This Moment – Always A Mummy

Fomr This Moment by Gemma from Always A Mummy

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Waiting 9 months, 40 weeks, 280 days, 6720 hours is a long time right? Well thats the length of a typical pregnancy. Some will be shorter and some will be longer it all depends on when your bundle of joy wants to make their arrival.

I fell pregnant with my first, a little girl we called Kelsey-Leigh, at the young age of 16. I grew up around little kids and loved children so no question was asked when we made that decision to keep her. My pregnancy went rather smoothly and our due date arrived. All the way back in October 2008 I awaited anxiously for my waters to break.

Little did I know she decided to keep us waiting – a whole week to be exact. The worse thing is waiting. And while your waiting what is upsetting is seeing babies, hearing that your friend has just had theirs although they was due after you. It seems it was not fair. But the wait is so worth it.

I had a rough time in labour with Kelsey. Very long indeed – 44 hours from first contraction til she was in my arms. At the time all the screaming, blaming my very supportive partner, feel like I was dying from the pain didn’t feel worth it and as horrible as that sounds when your going through excruiating pain thats what happens. But from the moment they put her in my arms all that didn’t matter. She was perfect in everyway and she was mine. All mine.

Me and my partner were no longer just a couple, but we were a couple with a baby. A family of three. The first few hours we spent together getting to know our baby, and being so happy that no one could wipe the beaming smile of our faces. From that moment our adventure began. Our rollercoaster ride of emotions, our happy & our sad days. Milestones, holidays, learning new things. But most importantly from that moment we learnt the true meaning of true love.

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