My Week That Was – Baby J

My Week That Was – Baby J

For the last two weeks my blog has been very lovingly looked after by some blogging friends as they guest posted for the From This Moment series. The reason for this was last Monday we celebrated the arrival of our baby boy, J. So here is a quick catch up of the last couple of baby-filled weeks!

The Sunday before we were booked in for the elective section, we decided to host a BBQ with our close friends. Since we have been home the weather has been rubbish, so I’m glad we made the most of the sunshine! In the evening we took H to her grandparents who would be watching her whilst I was in hospital.

On Monday we head into the hospital ready for the planned section. I will post all about the birth story soon, but Baby J was born at 11.53am a healthy 7lb5oz, screaming his head off! I stayed in hospital until Wednesday and during that time we had a few visitors, which was great as when H was born we were 5000 miles away and on our own. My mum and sister also greeted us on our return home with banners and balloons.

H stayed at her grandparents until Thursday, which I did feel guilty about but we felt we needed that one night at home on our own. I was glad we did as as soon as she arrived it was chaos! We spent the rest of the week trying to settle down at home and greeting visitors. It was a lovely time but extremely exhausting, not only were we coping with getting up every three hours through the night, we them couldn’t rest during the day as H needed our attention too. Mr H hasn’t stopped, I’m sure he’s looking forward to returning to work!

At the weekend we decided Mr H needed some sleep (he was beginning to look like a homeless zombie) so we head to his parents so they could watch H whilst he caught some zzz’s.

On Jubilee Monday my mum hosted a celebration party so we packed up the car and drove to Yorkshire, two babies and one jack Russell in tow – it took us two hours just to get out of the house! My mum had set up Patriotic decorations, put on a buffet and made buns and a trifle, which was lovely of her. My nan and uncle also came over to see us all and the sun even put in an appearance!

We stayed in Yorkshire on Monday night, then returned home on Tuesday. Our friends came to see baby J later that day, so it was quite busy in the H household.

On Wednesday we decided to try a trip out, so ventured to Mothercare as we needed some bits for the children. After only getting half way round the shop, I was starting to think it was a bad idea, as tiredness and aches set in. Instead of our planned pub lunch, we went straight home and I was laid up for the rest of the day! I feel fine most of the time so keep end up doing too much. I’d like to say lesson learnt but when you have a house to run and children to look after, it’s just the way it has to be. Fortunately Mr H has been incredible and family and friends have helped out, but I still can’t just sit on my bum all day!

My mum came to stay for the night on Thursday and not only did she help out in the house, she also took baby J for the night, giving us much a full nights sleep!

At the weekend we went to stay with Mr H’s parents once more, and I finally had a couple of glasses of my favourite tipple, Baileys. It went down a treat! My sister then came for the day on Sunday and spent some quality time playing with H. We have tried to send as much time as we can with her, but I’m sure she appreciated some uninterrupted playtime.

So there are our last couple of weeks! I’m starting to feel a little more human, but I still can’t lift or really bend over, driving is off until 6 weeks and my wardrobe is limited to one pair of jogging bottoms and one pair of pj’s that I can wear! I’m looking forward to getting back to normal!

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Baby J:

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