From This Moment – Three Years And One Stone Then Home

From This Moment – Three Years And One Stone Then Home

From This Moment by Rachel from Three Years One Stone Then Home
If you have missed what this series is all about please read From This Moment Blog Project.

The first …

… time I laid eyes on you was after a long and difficult labourfollowed by an emergency C-section. You were all bundled up with just yourlittle eyes and nose peeking through and you were being clutched tightly byyour papa – half out of love, and half out of fear that he might drop you. Hebent down and held you close to me so that I could give you a little kiss andthen he whisked you off to be washed, weighed and wrapped up. You were thesweetest, cutest and also chubbiest newborn that I had ever seen. Quite simply, it was love.

… time that I held you was half an hour after you were born. I’d beenefficiently stitched up and taken back to our room and your papa and the nursebrought you to me so I could cuddle and feed you. You were greedy from thestart. In months to come, you would start to squeal with joy whenever I fed youwhich limited our trips out and about during the breastfeeding months. Atnineteen months old, you’re still a little obsessed with boobs, something Ifind bemusing, your papa delighted with.

… time that we took you home was a week after you were born. We stayed in thehospital for a while so the nurses could look after us while I recovered fromthe operation and you learned that there was no need to panic, I had plenty ofmilk for you. You might remember your first day at home because I shoutedloudly at your papa for shrinking all my clothes. He thought he was helping bydoing the laundry. I thought he was more of a hindrance.

… time that you smiled was at six weeks old. And you haven’t stopped since. Ilove your smile. I love that you smile so frequently. I love that you have somuch to smile about. I particularly love your gappy toothed smile now that youhave a full mouth of teeth (though I did not love the sleepless nights thatthose teeth caused as they made their painful journey through your gums).

You were my first baby. My first bundle of pure joy and I suspect, pure mischief.

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