From This Moment – Mummy’s Knee

From This Moment – Mummy’s Knee

From This Moment – A Post For Bubbles by Jo from Mummys Knee

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From the moment you were born at 18:10 on 1st April 2012 I knew that my family was complete, with your big brother Buddy who is nearly three. Now in some ways this could make me sad, if I focus on the fact that this is the last time I would be pregnant, that makes me sad as I loved being pregnant with you. It was so easy this time round. However, thinking that this would be the last time I’d give birth that makes me feel incredibly happy. It wasn’t nice or pretty, but you are here safe and well and that is all the matters!
So instead of concentrating on the last time things will happen, we are going to concentrate on the positive. Therefore from this moment on, we will celebrate your firsts. Here are just some of the highlights in last six weeks:
You are the first baby I have successfully breast fed
You have had a first and many trips in the car
You have had your first and many baths and screamed through every one
You are the youngest ever attendee at our PEEPS class
You went to your first Jelly Tots session today
You have your first cuddles with Grandma, Grandad & Nonna
You have met four of your ten cousins
You have had your first Skype video call with your cousin who is three weeks younger than you. You were pretty quiet!
Things to look forward to over the next six weeks:
Your first attendance at a birthday party
Your first meeting with your cousin who is 20 days younger than you
Your first meeting of your Aunty Helen and Uncle Andy
Your first bus journey
Your first day on a video shoot – we are off to do a video cooking shoot on Monday
Your first doctor’s appointment – well maybe not look forward to it, but it’ll still be a first!
All of these things are very special moments and I promise you and your brother that from this moment on I will do my best to keep a record of your firsts to share with you when you are older.

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