Baby Boy’s Nursery

Baby Boy’s Nursery

After much time planning, buying and making, this last weekend saw the completion of Baby Boy’s nursery – only one week before my due date! So I wanted to share some pictures of the finished room. 
As we are only renting we could only put up decals, but I found some gorgeous koala ones from the Etsy shop Urban Walls so these set the theme for the rest of the decor.

I really liked the fabric hoops idea a lot of people are doing now, but in the end I went for my own alternative. Using some bits of chipboard I had saved from who-knows-what, I found some fabrics to match the turquoise, brown and cream theme of the room and covered the boards in these fabrics. I then cut out a koala head in a contrasting fabric for the largest board.

We already had some beige curtains so I didn’t want to go out spending loads of money on new ones. Instead I customised the tie-backs with some of the same fabric used on the boards, and then made two koala heads out of felt to finish them off.

We are using H’s old cot and cot bumpers, but I took the front one off as it was pink so didn’t exactly match the turquoise theme! I also couldn’t find any turquoise cot sheets, so a light blue one from Mothercare has to do. It goes with Baby Boy’s new teddies, at least!

So there, we have it. Nothing too fancy, but I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out. Now all we need is a little boy to go with it!

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