My Week That Was – Finally the nursery is ready!

My Week That Was – Finally the nursery is ready!

This will probably be my last weekly update for a while, as within the next week I will have a new little bundle of joy occupying my time! Come on Baby Boy we are all ready for you now!

On Monday I once more sat in for British Gas – them and I are becoming firm friends now! The guy tried his best to make the boiler break down so he could find the fault, but of course when we actually wanted it to it stubbornly refused! So two hours later we were no wiser as to what the problem is, but so far so good and it has stayed working. Maybe it’s magically fixed itself!

On Tuesday it Mr H’s Grandma’s eightieth birthday so Little H and I went over for a couple of hours. I tried pigtails in her hair for the first time and she looked so cute, I kept having to put them back in all day though! After three hours of chasing H around the non-toddler-proof house H’s grandparents and I were shattered, so we both returned home for a nap!

On Wednesday my in-laws very kindly looked after H for the day as I had a midwife visit and really needed to get some housework done. I had been getting itching on my legs for a while and it had gotten to the point of making me want to pill my skin off! As a precaution the midwife booked me into the hospital the following day for a blood test for Obstetric Cholestasis so we arranged for H to sty at her grandparents overnight, which meant Mr H and I had a night to ourselves. It felt very strange to have so much time to myself!

Thursday morning saw me at the hospital for my blood test. I then went to my in-laws to pick up H, where my mum met us as she was staying the night. After a quick brew, we ventured to the local Post Office to send off for H’s British passport. It’s so great that she’ll be dual nationality!

Friday was a quiet day. H’s grandma gave me a hand with some jobs at home and let me have a nice bath before she returned to Yorkshire. I also turned 39 weeks, a week until my due date!

On Saturday Mr H and I decided to put up the new decals we had bought for the nursery. We had been unsure whether to put them up as with the problems we have had here we thought we might move, so didn’t want to waste putting them up for a matter of months. However we have decided to stay until we are ready to buy, which will hopefully be early next year. So we spent an hour or so that morning putting up the koala decals and some bits of decorations I had made. My sister then arrived as she was staying the night with us and supervised Mr H in his decor attempts. He’s not one for DIY!

On Sunday Mr H decided to tackle the overgrown back garden, after some persuasion! He ended up being out there for about five hours and was shattered when he got in! It looks so much better now, and he has put up a few bird feeders as H loves to watch the birds whilst she has her breakfast on a morning. Our friends stopped by for a quick visit in the afternoon, and it was strange to think we won’t see them again before the baby is here.

H wasn’t very well at all on Sunday though, and wouldn’t let me leave her alone. I’m not sure if it’s a cold as her chest is very rattly and her nose is streaming, or it could be teething. We gave her a bath that evening, which she usually loves, but she spent it crying. We managed to settle her by seven, which gave us an extra half an hour to ourselves, always appreciated!

There is my week that was. Next week sees Baby Boy being due so if you don’t hear from me that is why! However in the interim period I have set up a guest blogger series called ‘From This Moment’ so keep your eyes out for that.

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