A Haven

A Haven

I’m not sure why but there is something about my little girl’s bedroom that makes me feel so at peace. When I was pregnant with H I loved planning her nursery – the colours, the furniture, the decor. I spent many hours making things to decorate the room and once it was ready I would sometimes just go in there and sit.

I still do the same now. On the rare quiet moments, usually when H is out for the day, it brings me so much serenity just to sit in her room and look around. I have tried my best to make it a calm, beautiful room, filled with love and it reminds me of the joy my daughter brings us every day.

From the butterfly bedding, proudly displaying her first teddy, a cushion I had when I was little and of course her blankie, which she can’t sleep without, to the butterfly lights hung above her bed (yes I have a small obsession with butterflies). Every detail was created with so much love. There is the dvd rack I turned into a bookcase which holds an array of old and new books, my own first teddy and a collection of gifts from family and friends. Her bookcase, the contents of which are often strewn all over the floor. Her glider chair, in which her daddy and I spent many an hour feeding her and rocking her to sleep as a baby, reading to her before bedtime and now holds a giant Mickey Mouse.

One day her bedroom will be a place where she seeks solace – from her crazy family, to shed a few tears, or share laughter with her friends. For now it is the place where my little girl lays her head at night and dreams sweet dreams. And it is my haven.

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