My Week That Was – Too Much Spending!

My Week That Was – Too Much Spending!

Roll up! Roll up! It’s Monday again and time for My Week That Was.

Bank Holiday Monday saw us spending some extra time with daddy, which is always appreciated! We introduced daddy to the joys if soft play and H, not too familiar with slides, proceeded to go up the steps to the slide, then fly back down them on her tummy, skittling children in her wake! We then went for a nice pub lunch where H showed off her new shoes in the most ladylike of manners!

Tuesday became our Monday, when H and I had our usual chill out day at home. mummy pretended it was a chores day but really ended up spending all morning in her iPad! Oh well it’s not long until ill have my hands full with another little offspring!

On Wednesday it was haircut day at the in-laws and Holly had her first proper trim. I was sad to see some of her curls chopped off, but her hair does look tidier and hopefully it will grow back a bit thicker now. I also started getting some really uncomfortable pains at the bottom of my bump, which freaked me out. I rang the midwife who said I may be in early labour, not helping to calm me down! Well Monday is here and I’m still with bump so she wasn’t exactly on the money with her prediction!

On Thursday my mum made her now weekly trip over the pennines and we decided on an impromptu lunch at a local pub which has a nice play area. H hasn’t really been getting the attention she deserves due to a very tired mummy, so it nice to watch her enjoying herself. Although I didn’t appreciate some older kids trying to stand on her hands, and she was quickly swept up into the safety mummy’s arms!

On Friday we relaxed at home with my mum, who had lunch with us then returned home. That afternoon I put my favourite Disney film on, Aladdin. H isn’t quite into films as yet, but she did have a little sway to ‘A Whole New World.’

On Saturday daddy let me have a lie in, although I was still up at nine! We then went to his parents as his sister and her husband were over from Harrogate, so we had pies (a Lancashire delicacy, the merits of which my husband can debate for many an hour) and a nice catch up! I was quite tired when we got home so had a nap and then we just relaxed together in the evening.

On Sunday we spent far too much money as I realised H was growing out of a lot of her 12-18 month clothes. Any excuse to buy her clothes! I didn’t go overboard, but bought some lovely things. We then ended up ordering some clothes for ourselves online that evening as well as an external hard-drive, which we’ve been meaning to get for ages. Our bank card was crying by the end of the night!

So there is my week, head over to Mummy, Daddy and Me and share yours!

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