I Finally Packed My Hospital Bag!

I Finally Packed My Hospital Bag!

Well with only three weeks to go I finally got around to actually packing my hospital bag. I have been buying everything for it over the last few weeks, using Edspire’s great list, but so far it has been sat in a Tesco’s carrier bag awaiting proper organisation.

So on Saturday, with Little H being overseen by Daddy, I managed to find a spare few minutes to pack it all neatly away into my borrowed Jasper Conran holdall, generously donated by my sister.

I then gathered together the items for baby boys bag, and once more realised I yet again did not have a place to carry them! Queue a trip to Asda where I purchased a navy spotty bag for the bargain price of £9, which goes lovely with the holdall, get me being all matching! Everything for the baby fits in there beautifully too, and I will be able to use it afterwards as a nice beach bag. Perfect!

So here is my list of essential hospital bag items, just in case you are like me and need to get organised!

Mummy’s Bag:
Hospital Notes
Old T shirt or nightshirt for labour
Nice PJ’s for after the birth
Dressing gown to cover your modesty
Warm socks
Toiletries – I bought travel sized ones so I could easily fit them in.
A bit of make up, so I look somewhat human for those after-birth photos.
Face wipes to keep fresh
Lip balm
Hair bobbles, clips and brush
Disposable pants
Maternity pads
Book or magazine
Chargers for all electrical equipment

Baby’s Bag:
3 sleepsuits
3 vests
Hat and scratch mittens

I have also got together mine and little mans going home outfit and hung it in the nursery wardrobe so Mr H can easily pick it up when he comes to collect us.

Hopefully I have all I need, but if not I can always send Mr H out. For H’s arrival we had three hospital bags, one of which being a suitcase, and I didn’t use half of it. This time I’m determined not to go overboard!

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