My Week That Was – 37 weeks!

My Week That Was – 37 weeks!

Monday is here and once more I am joining in with Katie at Mummy, Daddy & Me for the linky My Week That Was. Here is my weekly update on our recent activities, if my baby brain permits me to remember them all!

Last week Was H’s first week in her big girl bed. She has done extraordinarily well and we are so proud of her!

Monday came and went without much to report apart from the continuing breaking down of our heating and hot water, which despite numerous calls and emails from Mr H to our letting company, is still nowhere near being resolved. It really is frustrating, as if we don’t have enough on our minds at the moment. On Tuesday we had our final appointment with the consultant to decide our method of delivery (see Our D-Day Decision). I am relieved to finally have come to a conclusion and am now anxiously analysing every twinge and niggle I feel!

New Coat & Shoes!

On Wednesday Grandma G came to visit from t’other side of the Pennines and we had a very good shop. We went with the intent of actually returning some items but of course our purchases outweighed our returns! Oh well. H had her feet remeasured and has gone up a whole half size, of course this was excuse enough to buy her some new shoes! They light up and everything! I also bought final bits for my hospital bag and Baby Boy, so am feeling more prepared.

Playing with Auntie A

On Thursday after my mum left, H and I went for lunch with one of my friends, which was nice to have a catch up and get out of the house. My car isn’t getting driven much at the moment due to lack of room for the bump!

On Friday I turned 37 weeks! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone and yet still seems to drag! After a morning spent catching up with housework, H’s other Grandma had an impromptu visit and she offered to look after H the next night when we were having some friends over, which is always appreciated!

Saturday and Sunday, as always, were a blur of jobs and chores! After dropping H at her grandmas went drove to Asda, B&Q and Pets At Home for various bits and then returned home to putting up shelves and mowing the lawn. I also finally got time to pack mine and the little mans’ hospital bags, so finally I think I am ready! Our friends arrived in the evening and we had a good time with great food and laughter. It’s always nice to see our friends and now we all have children it doesn’t happen as often as we’d all like anymore.

Sunday carried on in much the same vein as Saturday and before we knew it Mr H was falling asleep on the sofa and it was bedtime! I did manage to get a few bits made for Baby Boys nursery though, which I enjoyed having a bit of time to do.

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