37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term!

37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term!

I can’t believe I am classed as full term today! The last nine months have pretty much gone by in a blur of non-acknowledgement, meaning that I don’t know where the time went! With your first baby you hang onto every milestone, feel every kick and count every month, week, day and second. This time around, with a toddler to focus on, my thoughts haven’t quite been as pregnancy-driven, not until the latter stages at least.

Now I am pleased to report that it is all I can think (and dream scary dreams) about! The birth, the fact that although the room is set up little else is and that I STILL haven’t bought my hospital bag, let alone packed it! I do have all the necessary items for it, at least, and they could be thrown into a Tesco’s carrier bag should they be required, however I would like to arrive on the ward looking slightly more glamorous than the crazy lady in the park!

I am now having such frequent Braxton Hicks it’s crazy, especially considering I didn’t have any at all with H. Sometimes they take my breath away too, which gets Mr H every time! I also make him touch my bump to appreciate how hard it has gone with every Hick too! SPD has well and truly got me walking like an old lady by the end of the day and I am trying to carry H around as little as possible now to try and reduce the pain.

I am feeling pretty guilty about the quality of playtime H is getting. I know there’s not long left now (3 weeks and 3 days at the most, to be exact!) but once Baby Boy is here she won’t get the same attention at all and I just wish I could give her so much more whilst she is still on her own. However my energy levels are almost down to zero now (maybe I should have done some sort of exercise from the start then I might feel better now) and after fifteen minutes of play I am crawling to the sofa for a lie down. It’s pretty pathetic really.

As you may have read in Our D-Day Decision, we now have a plan of attack for the birth. I am still hoping that the little man will come all on his own but have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it’s quite unlikely. At least this time we have lots of support, but I’m pretty certain that the UK don’t administer the same kind of drugs the Americans do so I’ll need to suck it up!

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