My Week That Was – A Big Girl Bed

My Week That Was – A Big Girl Bed

Here we are again, Monday has flown round and another week closer to Baby Boy’s arrival! Now let’s see if I can remember last week…

On Monday I went to Yorkshire to stay with my parents for the night. We have decided this will be my last trip over there until baby is born, as I can barely fit behind the steering wheel at the moment! So my mum will be coming to us. My Dad is still awaiting a date for his surgery and it’s bound to be around the time I’m having the baby, which is just our kind of luck!

On Tuesday mum and I went to their local Asda where I did a good shop and bought all the bits for my hospital bag. I just need to pack it now!

On Wednesday I had a midwife appointment, although as I had only been at the hospital for a check the week before she told me I hadn’t really needed to go. Oh well. Everything was ok and the next appointment will be a home visit so I may not be going back to the doctors until baby is here!

On Thursday I had a couple of packages due for arrival so H and I stayed at home and I managed to get some housework caught up with. Nesting maybe? Our new double buggy arrived and H’s bedding for her big girl bed – all very exciting!

On Friday I spent the day at my in-laws, but we didn’t get up to much really. I also turned 36 weeks and realised that there is definitely no room left!

At the weekend we returned to the task of sorting out both baby’s rooms. Mr H’s dad came over and helped him move Little H’s cot into the spare room and then put up her new Big Girl Bed. I then made her bed up with her new Next bedding and it looked lovely! The nursery is taking shape now too, we just need to put up a few decorations, if I ever get round to them!

Saturday night we spent with my sister and her boyfriend and played a few round of Articulate before Mr H and I succumbed to the land of nod, we are rubbish nowadays!

On Sunday we returned home and dropped H off with her Grandma for a few hours to get some much-needed ‘us’ time. In the end though we spent most of this catching up on sleep! On Sunday night it was H’s first time in her Big Girl Bed. I was a little nervous and was expecting a restless night. We took her upstairs an hour before bedtime to show her the bed and give her time to play and get used to it. She wasn’t very sure, though, and kept running away, which made me feel even more anxious. We gave her a bath and then got her into bed for her bottle and book. Daddy then tucked her in and left her butterfly nightlights on just in case she decided to clamber about. She made a little protest but within ten minutes all was silent over the monitor. I couldn’t believe it! I went up an hour later to check on her and found her fast asleep still in the bed, although no longer in the covers. And I’m happy to report she stayed there all night until 7am this morning! Let’s hope it lasts!

So there is my Week That Was. Head over to Mummy Daddy & Me and share your own.

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