My Week That Was – A Shopping Spree (or two)!

My Week That Was – A Shopping Spree (or two)!

Inevitably my Week That Was post is late again! Mr H and I had a very busy weekend and I have been away for the start of the week so I am only just getting back online. Here is my week:

On Monday my mum came over the stay earlier than usual as we both had things going on later in the week. We went to Mothercare and spent far too much money on things that weren’t on our lists, isn’t that always the way?! I priced up bedding for Little H and we bought the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind for her room as the light mornings seem to be disturbing her far too early for my liking! We spent the afternoon waiting in for the British Gas man yet as yet again our heating and hot water have gone, it’s driving me crazy!

On Tuesday mum stayed with Little H whilst Mr H and I went to the hospital for a consultant appointment to discuss our method of delivery following Little H been born via emergency section. Disappointingly we did not come out with an answer (see No Decision) and instead we have another appointment for two weeks time for more discussion and hopefully a final decision.

On Wednesday my two close friends came round for lunch with their babies, so it was all a bit chaotic! One of my friends has a nine month old and the other has a two and a half year old and nine week old twins!! The kids did quite well at getting on with one another and we managed to have lunch together, but with chasing them round and sorting things out there was little time left for a chat!

On Thursday I spent the day with my in-laws after they returned from their caravan in Wales. It’s always nice to visit, they are like my second family and they are both great with Little H. My mother-in-law gave me some clothes she had bought for Baby Boy and whilst Little H napped we decided to take an impromptu trip to TK Maxx. Oh dear, my bank card was not too pleased! But I really needed a good shop, despite the fact I can’t buy anything for myself! My children are definitely better dressed than me right now!

I think Friday was just a quiet day for me and H, as I can’t actually remember what we did.

At the weekend Mr H and I had already decided the time had come to go do some baby shopping, after all Baby Boy is due in five short weeks! We visited a local pram store to have a look at the Buggy Pod, which we have been recommended as an alternative to buying a double buggy. It is an additional seat which clips to the side of your buggy for your toddler. We thought it was the perfect solution, however the seat was a bit small looking and in the end it didn’t fit on our buggy. After that we decided another trip to Mothercare was required and after Mr H’s eyes lit up at the reduced price of one of their own double buggies, a purchase was finally made! We had decided a while ago that after spending a lot of money on H’s buggy only eighteen months ago, we didn’t want to do that again, however finding a reasonably priced, not too flimsy double buggy has been a challenge. I’m hoping we’ve got the right one now!

We then went to the place where relationships end – Ikea! First we had lunch as H was getting cranky, and I have to say the kids meal was better than my soggy pasta any day! We then flew round to the sofa bed section as the spare bed will have to be dismantled to fit he cot in Baby Boys room, so we need somewhere for my mum/our babysitter to sleep! We wrote down the location of the sofa and then rushed through to the children’s section, determined to make this trip as pain-free as possible! After much umming and erring we decided on a bed and headed to the till. As we were in Mr H’s car, the boot did not have enough room for our purchases, so we ordered delivery for the next day – I thought it was quite reasonable too at £25.

The next day Mr H set to work dismantling the spare bed and making room in the spare room. Of course this so-called half hour task took over two hours due the amount of crap we has been stashing in the room, so Mr H was sufficiently worn out when he sat down for lunch! With perfect timing the Ikea delivery then arrived so he once more set about the ‘quick’ task of assembling the sofa bed whilst I tackled H’s mountain of ironing I had been putting off for months! By the end of the day, and week, we were shattered. But at least we were finally getting there with Baby Boys thing’s. Next weekend we will be transferring H to her new bed, which will be interesting to see how she sleeps! Wish us luck!

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