35 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

35 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

It has been a while since my 30 week update and as I turn 35 weeks today, I thought I would give a bit of an update. As you may have read in No Decision, we still have not decided what to do about the method of delivery. Mr H and I have had a chat since then and I think we may be more firm on which way we are going, but I am waiting until we see the consultant on the 1st May before I settle things in my head properly.

Here is today’s bump shot, and my 35 week bump with Little H.

Over the last couple of days things have started to feel very low, but I’m not sure if he has engaged yet. He hadn’t at the last midwife appointment, although he has been head down for a few weeks now. We’ll see on Wednesday at the next appointment.

Apart from that I am pretty uncomfortable and exhausted. Sleeping is quite hard as breathing becomes harder and just getting anything done tires me out completely. I went put for a shop for an hour yesterday and fell asleep on the sofa when I got home! I do feel bad as Little H gets babysat by the TV more and more every day, but I’m telling myself it’s just a temporary measure until Baby Boy is here and we get back on track.

We are getting a bit more organised than we were a few weeks ago. Baby Boy’s wardrobe is all set up and I don’t think we have much more to buy for him, apart from nappies! We are going shopping this weekend (much to Mr H’s dismay) and will hopefully come home with H’s new bed, some solution to our double buggy problem and a sofa bed to replace the spare bed we no longer have room for. I have also been looking at sorting my hospital bag tomorrow, as my friends pointed out the other day, I really should get that sorted soon, just in case!

So there is today’s update. Five weeks to go until D Day!

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