A Baby Boy Shower

A Baby Boy Shower

When I was expecting Little H my friends and family threw me such a lovely baby shower. I was living in America at the time so they surprised me during a visit home when I was 24 weeks, and I had such a fantastic night and Little H got an amazing amount of gifts. After having that shower I didn’t necessarily want or expect to have a second one, that seemed a little too cheeky! Instead my close friends and I decided to spend the weekend at a local spa hotel and get some much-needed relaxation. Little did I know what they had planned!

At Baby Girl’s Shower

We arrived at the Village Hotel in Warrington on Saturday and had a lovely lunch in the pub area. We had completely forgotten that it was FA Cup day and being surrounded by males shouting various obscenities at the TV didn’t exactly relax us! So we quickly ate our food and head down to the swimming pool where we relaxed in the hot tub and steam room (not me of course) and had a gentle swim. After drying off we sat and had a coffee before meandering into the spa for our massages and facials. Lovely!

The 34 week pregnant lady then decided it was a nap so unknowingly had a lay down in her room, thinking the other ladies were having a drink and chat in room number two. However they had other ideas!

When I awoke I was greeted with banners, confetti, balloons, presents and cake! To say I was touched with the effort that they had made for me and Baby Boy would be an understatement. He got some lovely gifts and most importantly mummy got cake, which, I have to add, tasted amazing!

Then it was time for a quick change, and we head to the restaurant for a nice meal and a few more drinks, before returning to our room for some baby-related games.

So I wanted to send a huge thank you to my friends and my gorgeous sister for a really lovely weekend. Next on the list: counting down the weeks until the Little Man’s arrival!

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