My Week That Was – A Shower

My Week That Was – A Shower

This week’s Week That Was is just a quick update on our recent adventures.

Monday saw us returning from Scotland after a lovely weekend celebrating our brother-in-law’s 30th. A four and a half hour drive turned into a six and a half hour drive due to the Easter traffic, but Little H did very well in her car seat watching Mickey Mouse on repeat on Mr H’s DVD player. Mr H and I were going slightly mental in the front seats!

Daddy and H in Scotland

On Tuesday Mr H had booked the day off and we spent it recovering from the weekend and catching up on all the chores we had missed out on. Our central heating had broken (for the third time) the week before so the house was freezing and we had no hot water, so we all snuggled up in the front room for most of the day!

On Wednesday another man from British Gas came to visit so yet again I was stuck in the house waiting for the ‘between 8am and 1pm’ visit. He managed to get us up and running, so Little H and I then went over to my in-laws for both of us to have a hair trim. Little H went down for her nap whilst I went to my midwife appointment. I am now down to two weekly appointments, which only highlights how close it is all getting! Like my last appointment, Baby Boy was measuring a week ahead and although he is head down, he is not yet engaged. Everything was all fine so I returned to collect Little H and then went home to get tea ready for Mr H.

On Thursday Little H and I ventured over the Dales to visit my family. We had a quiet day at my parents house, having a chat whilst Little H played, and then my parents went to the hospital for my Dad’s heart appointment. For anyone who doesn’t read regularly he is due to have heart bypass surgery, as you can read about here, however he still waiting to hear a date. However the doctor told him that he is on the urgent waiting list and should be seen within the next eight weeks, just in time for Baby Boy’s arrival no doubt! Our family are always good for timing!

On Friday Mum and I went to the Mamas and Papas factory outlet in Huddersfield for a browse, and I have to say I was disappointed. It wasn’t very big and a lot of the things there were still really expensive, despite it being an outlet. I still managed to buy a pair of jeans for Baby Boy and a top for my weekend away!

On Saturday my two friends, my sister and I went away to a nearby hotel for a spa weekend, as an honorary baby shower. Being my second baby I thought an baby shower would be asking a bit much, however they surprised me with presents, decorations and my sister made a gorgeous cake and buns, and I was really touched. We had a great weekend and after a hearty breakfast, returned this morning to a very tired Mr H! He does like to think this parenting lark I play about with all week is easy, so it’s nice to see a bit of acknowledgement for everything I do from time to time!

Baby Boy Cupcakes!

So there is my lovely Week That Was. Head over to Mummy, Daddy & Me Makes Three and join Katie by sharing your week and reading others’ stories.

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