My Week That Was – Och Aye The Nu

My Week That Was – Och Aye The Nu

Having returned from our weekend away yesterday, My Week That Was is running slightly behind, but here is a catch up of our last week.

Monday was the final day at my in-laws caravan in Wales, and on Tuesday we returned to collect Little H from her grandparents. She was a little madam the rest of the afternoon, suggesting her grandparents had spoilt her somewhat, as only grandparents are allowed!

On Wednesday my Mum was supposed to be visiting however after seeing glorious weather the previous week, snow hit Yorkshire and she had to put her trip off. Little H and I spent the day in our pj’s watching TV and catching up on chores. After not having to get up and chase after a toddler for four days I was out of the loop so the day to get back into things was welcomed. I also ordered this gorgeous decal from Etsy for Baby Boy’s nursery, which I am super excited about!

Decal by Urban Walls

My Mum managed to make her way over on Thursday and we visited Ikea to have a look at sofa beds. Our spare room will become Baby Boy’s nursery so we will no longer have room for a double bed, hence the sofa bed replacement. I can’t believe how expensive they are though! I think we have decided on a cheaper Ikea one though as they are actually quite comfortable and I just cannot spend £600 on something that will only get used once in a while! My Mum also bought Holly a mini wicker chair, which she looks so cute sitting in! Mum stayed with us that evening and we enjoyed the final One Born Every Minute, which only served to make me more nervous about the birth! Why do I watch this show???

On Good Friday we packed the car whilst Mum watched Little H, and we set off on our six hour trek up to Scotland for the Easter weekend and our Brother-In-Law’s 30th. I was slightly apprehensive about the weekend, given I am 32 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable and not drinking, however it turned out to be a really lovely weekend. We had some amazing food (of which I consumed far too much of), had a day out shopping and some fun evenings by the open fire playing various board games. On Saturday, the birthday celebration night, all the men dressed with flair as we had a ‘Lords and Ladies’ theme. It was a great laugh to see all the outfits, and we all posed for a vintage family photo!

Overall it was a good week, and finished off with a great weekend. Head over the Mummy, Daddy & Me to read about other weeks and share your own!

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