Mums 101

Mums 101

What would you do if you were invited on to the show ROOM 101 for the night? Have you ever tried to narrow down what you’d like to throw in there?

Well now you can, as the lovely Emily at Never Bored Of Bubbles has set up a fabulous linky for us to do and Vikki at Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey has tagged me! Simply write your own ‘Mums 101′ post, list your top three gripes/bugbears relating to motherhood, tag some friends and link up over on Emily’s page.
Here are my top 3 mummy related issues that I’d like thrown into Mums 101:

1. “Child friendly” places. By this I mean places such as cafes/restaurants that provide high chairs and children’s meals but no baby changing facilities! So you can let children in to eat, but when they need changing they have to laid on the floor of your toilets? Not exactly sanitary!

2. Nosey old people. After being told by an over-friendly grandparent in the supermarket queue “worst thing you could do, that” and pointing to Little H’s dummy. Really? I could be hitting her or poisoning her, but no, apparently a dummy is far worse! Sorry grandad, but I am not interested in how you think my baby should be parented, I don’t care how many hoards of children/grandchildren you have raised, I will bring my child up how I want to, thank you.

3. People who park in Mother & Baby parking spaces. If you don’t have a child, don’t park there. if you have a child but they aren’t getting out of the car, dint park there. If you have a child old enough to get out of the car unaided, don’t park there. Simples. Mother & Baby parking spaces are there for us mummies who need extra room to get our children out of their car seat so if you don’t need this extra room there are plenty of spaces around for you to use that only involve a few extra steps into the shop so USE THEM!!

So there are my three choices, do you agree? What would yours be? I’m tagging Laura at The Life and Times of the Working Mum, Nicola at Life Through My Eyes and Lozzie-Lou.

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