My Week That Was – A Babymoon

My Week That Was – A Babymoon

Mr H and I have been away for a few days as a little break before Baby Boy arrives in a few short weeks, so this week’s post is a little late in the making. However, joining in with Mummy, Daddy & Me, here is my week that was.

As is now our usual routine, Monday and Tuesday were spent relaxing at home with Little H and catching up on some housework. On Wednesday I had an appointment with the midwife so Little H had her afternoon nap at my in-laws whilst I was poked and prodded. Baby Boy is measuring a week ahead, which is no surprise as so was Little H at various stages, but he is not yet engaged. I have also discovered I have now put on the same weight I had by the end of my pregnancy with Little H. And I have eight weeks to go. Oh dear. After my appointment I returned to my in-laws where we all sat in garden and enjoyed the sunshine. Our garden at home is not really toddler-proof so it was lovely to watch Baby Girl toddling around outside.

Welcome Home Daddy

On Wednesday night H has a bad night and was up six times with her teeth. This made for a late start Thursday and unfortunately a change of plans, as I had been looking forward to meeting up with an old school friend. Instead H didn’t wake until ten am, so we had our breakfast and made our way to my Mums instead. That afternoon my Mum, H and I had a lovely walk (well, more like waddle) in the sunshine and all rewarded ourselves with an ice cream from the shop. H wasn’t too sure though and my Mum ended up helping her out with most of it!

Poorly Girl

That night H was up again with her teeth and the next day she really wasn’t well. She had big bags under her eyes and wouldn’t eat or drink for most of the day. As she was staying there whilst we went away for the weekend, it wasn’t great timing and I was a bit upset leaving her so ill. My Mum kept me updated though and they did eventually coerce into having some juice and a bit of tea before putting her to bed. On Friday night Mr H, Jasper and I set out to Wales to his parent’s caravan. We had a lovely weekend, although the warm weather was not to be, but it was nice to have a rest for a few days without chasing around after our little lady. I did miss her a lot though and teared up a few times thinking about her, I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones! I made up for it by buying her a beautiful little dress from one of the craft stores in Porthmadog. I can’t wait to see her in it this summer!

Mr H and Jasper on the beach

So there is this week’s update. Share yours over at Mummy, Daddy & Me.

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