Imperfect Parenting

Imperfect Parenting

When we imagined ourselves as parents we all have our “we will do’s” and “we wont’s.” Mr H and I had gathered a fair few “we wont’s” over the years, gained from watching other ‘imperfect’ parents and their devilish offspring’s. When Mr H was smacked over the head in a pub by a balloon held by an unruly five year old, we decreed that our child would never be left to run riot around a busy establishment and would be made to sit still. In the supermarket we witnessed toddlers screaming in the trolley, demanding to be freed and vowed our child would be as silent as a mouse. On airplanes, as our seats were kicked or the angelic little mites peered over our seats for the whole ten hour flight, we were determined our little darlings would sit perfect content for the duration.

Cut to a few years later, when we are worn ragged after a long day of tantrums; when Little H will no longer be transferred from car to buggy to trolley to car again without putting up a loud fight and when going out for meals have long since been ruled out, I wonder about our little book of rules we had safely tucked away all this time.

Don’t get me wrong, Little H is generally a very good and placid baby (apart from when she is hungry or tired, oh boy does she let you know about it then!), but at the end of the day she is exactly that – a baby. Non-parents, and we were as much at fault ourselves, do not understand that these little people are not born with manners, patience or the ability to entertain themselves for hours on end. These skills are taught and learnt as they grow.

So, despite my determination and best efforts, I too am an imperfect parent. I do occasionally bribe Little H with a biscuit  in order to keep her quiet; I understand that she will paddy, that I will let her and that others will witness them, as she has to learn that they get her nowhere; and there will be occasions when I am so exhausted that I will give in to her tantrums and demands just to regain some sanity. So join me and celebrate your lack of perfection. After all, who wants to be perfect?

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