Blogging Anonymity

Blogging Anonymity

For a while now I have been considering whether or not I should be using our real names on my blog. As I have travelled throughout the blogging world I have noticed a lot of people use initials or names such as ‘Bug’ or ‘Bob’ for their children. It’s a bit of a quandary as, after all, my blog is named after my little girl, but I guess most people just coming across it wouldn’t know that.
It is also maybe a bit contradictory as I do post photos of us all, so if I am willing to do that why not name and shame us in the process? I think the issue mainly stands for my little girl. As she gets older she may become aware of the blog and not be happy about her antics being discussed for everyone to view and if our names are posted people could probably search and find her easier, meaning her friends may come across it. I do also post about things myself I wouldn’t want everyone we have ever met in the world to be able to search for. Although I do know some friends and family who read my blog (you know who you are!), there are some people I’m not so keen on keeping up to date on our family life. Not that I’m under any illusion that these people won’t ever come across my blog by chance, but I think it’s best not to make the search too easy!

So over the next few weeks I will be going through my old posts and pages, editing out some information to make Hollybobbs a slightly more anonymous haven for my family. I will retain my own name, I write it after all so if anyone should own up to their identity it should be me, but everyone else will be replaced by various initials.

What are your thoughts about blogging anonymity? Is it something you practice, or are you quite open? Maybe you, like me, and have decided after some blogging time to become more private about certain aspects, how did you implement this?

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