My Week That Was

My Week That Was

Catching up with Katie over at Mummy, Daddy and Me, here is the adventures of my latest week.


Monday has gradually become a quiet day for us, with me catching up on some blogging and H getting her fill of Mickey Mouse and friends. It has made me question whether I let her watch too much TV, and maybe I do, but I’ve decided that at 32 weeks pregnant with very little time or energy to get things done, it is a good tool to enable me to have a bit of a break. I may not be right in this decision, but she is my daughter so I get to decide. So there!

Chillin out with Mickey

On Tuesday H and I visited some good friends who have just had twins. Already having ownership of a two year old little boy, their house is now a crazy place of an active toddler, a barking Alsatian and two newborns in various stages of baby demands. I’m not quite sure how my friend does it, but she seemed to be in one piece as she opened the door so all credit to her! And the twins are so beautiful, it was lovely to see them! Of course, Holly wanted to grab or poke them, generally aiming for the eye area, making me slightly nervous for the arrival of Baby Boy. Some etiquette teaching may be required in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday my fortnightly trip over the lovely M62 commenced to see my family, and we had a nice couple of hours perusing Primarni for some hospital pj’s for me and summer clothes for H. Gotta love their prices, and they have some lovely things! That night I managed to devour a whole quarter of sugar crystals to myself and felt sufficiently ashamed. This pregnancy appetite needs reigning in once Baby Boy makes his appearance, otherwise I’m not going to fit through doorways anymore!

Wearing Primarni whilst waiting to wipe Jasper’s paws!

We returned home on Thursday afternoon and I took the opportunity to do some tidying before my sister arrived on later on to stay for a couple of nights. She has been going through a rough time at the moment, so it was nice to see her and lend an ear. We spent Friday morning at a local farm shop, having lunch and playing on the swings and then went for a nice walk in the afternoon. The weather is amazing considering it is March. That’s the one thing I miss about California, so it was nice to feel like summer is here, despite it being a few months early and there being no chance it will last!

On the swings with Auntie L

We had a busy weekend of jobs. The next few weekends are full of various activities and considering we are down to nine before Baby Boy arrived, I was freaking out somewhat at how under-prepared we were. By this time during my pregnancy with H we had the nursery set up, with the clothes hung perfectly, the cot and buggy set up waiting for her arrival and the hospital bag half packed. Although it’s not the same for number two as we have a lot of things already, he currently has nowhere to sleep or to keep his clothes! So we set to clearing out the wardrobe in spare room (Mr H will now be confined to the bathroom for his morning dressing) and I reluctantly made room in our bedroom for Mr H’s clothes. On Saturday night we caught up with some old uni friends and had a lovely time reminiscing.

On Sunday Mr H mowed the lawn, after much persuading, and I did some planting and clearing, much to the frustration of my hips, who spent the evening screaming at me in payback. We then took a short walk with Little H and let her explore the garden in the beautiful sunshine.

So there is my week. Head over to Mummy, Daddy and Me and share yours!

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