30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

30 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Boy

As of tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy, which means I now have just over 9 weeks to go. Holy crap! I thought I would write a bit of an update just so I can look back and remember what it feels like to be pregnant, as this will be our last. Note to future self: you do not take to pregnancy very well, don’t try it again!

As of last week I had gained two whole stone. Given I was only 7 1/2 to begin with, this is about a quarter of my body weight. No wonder I feel more like an old lady than the 27 year old I supposedly am! My waist is also a whopping 40 inches. I have mild SPD meaning any form of activity kills so the days of chasing Holly around or playing silly games are over for now. An energetic round of Incey Wincey Spider is about as good as it gets until daddy gets home!

Keeping herself entertained

I am eating like a horse, as my lovely in-laws point out whenever I am grazing amongst their herd. I can very easily put away triple what I would non-pregnant so I guess I earn the comments. That would also explain the two stone addition to my midriff!

Baby Boy is moving around lots, generally just under my ribs making breathing a trial, or on my bladder ensuring a trip to the loo at least once an hour. I am up about twice a night, which is an improvement from when I was pregnant with holly, although getting comfortable in bed currently requires five pillows. John has to fight them off to get anywhere near me! At my last midwife appointment he was measuring on track, which is great as Hodson babies can be on the larger side and I don’t think my slight frame could handle a ten pounder!

Here is my 31 week bump shot with Holly, and then today’s bump shot with Baby Boy. They’re pretty similar, I think, with Baby Boy maybe sitting a bit lower, and they are equally as huge!

On the subject of birth, after much, MUCH deliberation I think I have come down on the side of a VBAC. I want to give the normal delivery another go, as it would be lovely not to give birth in an operating theatre, my arms shaking uncontrollably and passing out from all the drugs being pumped in me. It would also be amazing to be able to hold one of my babies as they are born. I am speaking to the consultant next month and am hoping for reassurance that I will not be left long, though. I don’t think my sanity could take another 40 hour labour and try to recover from it again, especially with a rambunctious toddler waiting at home.

Not so glamorous hospital shots

I’m starting to get more and more anxious that, apart from buying the odd blue outfit, we have done nothing. Nothing! Baby Boy will be going in the spare room which is currently where John is relegated into to get dressed on a morning, due to his inability to be quiet. This means I need to clear some space in the wardrobes/drawers in our bedroom, and reluctantly transfer his clothes into them. This, however,does not mean he will be welcome to get ready in our bedroom, the bathroom it will be for him! We then need to dismantle the spare bed to make room for Holly’s cot that Baby Boy will go into once he is out of his Moses basket. This also means we need to purchase Holly her first big girl bed, which I am slightly anxious about. We have time to get her used to the transition, as Baby Boy will be in with us at first, but I’m hoping it’s not too much of an ordeal. We are also going to buy a sofa bed for guests (or John) when required. Oh and we need to get a double buggy as Holly won’t be old enough to walk far by may. We’re still undecided on which one to get as, after spending a considerable amount on Holly’s first buggy, we’re reluctant to do it again 18 months later! It’s proving a challenge though to find a nice one that’s not too heavy or is like a train to manoeuvre. I should also think about packing my hospital back in the not-so-distant future, just in case, and we’ve not had a hospital tour yet so I need to find out about that. Phew!

So that’s my update for now. Hmm maybe I shouldn’t have written all that down, it stresses me out even more seeing it in writing!

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