My Week That Was

My Week That Was

Yet again I have very naughtily fallen behind on my Week That Was posts and so here once more is a double episode!

March 5th saw a day off for hubby and a chance for him to recover from his boozy 30th birthday weekend. I of course had other plans and decided today was the day I was tidying up the garden. Leaving hubby to babysit Holly and his hangover, I head to the garden centre for some pretty plants and then spent a content couple of hours planting and clearing in the spring warmth. However my SPD hit me hard after all that bending and stretching and I ended up crawling up the stairs into a hot bath to ease my aches!

Holly I spent Tuesday and Wednesday over in Yorkshire at grandma and grandad Gilbert’s where I took this cute video of Holly dancing to one of her toys!

Thursday and Friday were relatively quiet with only a trip to Mothercare to get Holly’s feet measured as her little red shoes seem to be getting a bit tight. *sob* It turned out she is still a size four at the moment, but she is close to being out of them.

We also had a quiet weekend, for a change. We had a small walk on Saturday and visited a friend whose birthday it had been and then ended up returning back to her house for pizza and drinks in the evening, which was nice.

The next week my hubby’s parents went away for the week so my fail-safe babysitters were absent and sorely missed! Holly and I took a couple of trips out to the supermarket and did some shopping, which made me realise how hard it is getting now to go out of my own with her. I’m shattered after only an hour out and my hip kills me. I also hit 30 weeks this week which means only ten to go. It’s all getting a bit close now!

My mum came to stay with us on Thursday and we had a lovely lunch at Marks and Spencer’s and then tried to find me something to wear for my Goddaughters christening at the weekend. I managed to get something sorted, although finding nice outfits when you are short and look like you’ve swallowed turkey isn’t easy! We then took a trip to Toys R Us to get a couple of new toys for the little lady, as all her toys at home seem too young. We came away with the Fisher Price Zoo Talkers and the Laugh and Learn Tea Set, which as you can see she dove straight into!

Saturday was an exciting day as John and I had a night off baby and went to see the ballet! It had been my Christmas present from John and we had a great time getting dressed up and had a lovely meal before ‘swanning’ off to see Swan Lake. It was a great night, even if we found the ballet hard to follow in places. I also caught John catching 40 winks at one point, obviously it wasn’t his thing! It has always been a mini-ambition of mine to go to the ballet, though, so that’s one to cross off my list!

Sunday was Mothers Day and despite Holly being at her grandparents, my body still woke me at eight! But I did have a nice leisurely morning before collecting Holly and getting ready for the christening. The weather was lovely and my little Goddaughter looked so cute in her christening outfit. She did shed a few tears when the water was poured over her head but apart from that was good as gold.

So there are my last two weeks that were, pretty uneventful really. Now we are starting the countdown to the arrival of a newborn in the house! Head over to Mummy, Daddy & Me to read about other weeks and share your own!

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