My Henry

My Henry

Since Holly was seven months old, we have made reading part of her bedtime routine. John tends to do most of the nights, as he doesn’t see her much through the day so this is ‘his’ time. We get Holly changed for bed and then she has her bottle whilst we read a book to her. Not having had children before, we were not really up on our children’s literature, so it has taken a while to build up a few we like.

Last week I was very kindly sent Judith Kerr’s new book, My Henry. It is a large paperback version, with bright illustrations, so just the type we like to read to Holly. So last night we took the opportunity to sit down, bottle in hand, and delve into Henry’s world. My Henry is the story of a lady who has recently lost her husband, but still sees him every day when he is allowed out from behind the pearly gates. During these hours Henry and Mrs Henry take part in all sorts of wonderful adventures, such as riding a unicorn or swimming with mermaids.

The book is a lovely one, although with a sad undercurrent. The story of a lady who has lost her husband and yet still sees him in her daydreams, is written in a touching and poignant manner that introduces death to children, but in a way that isn’t frightening and can be understood. It is lovingly illustrated and has lots of images that kept Holly pointing at each page. The only downside was that the book was on the short side and didn’t quite make it to the end of Holly’s bottle, so a re-read was in order. Holly didn’t seem too bothered by this though and continued to point to all the lovely illustrations on each page.

All in all My Henry is a lovely, touching book and well worth a read. So when bedtime comes, curl up with your little one on your knee and delve into Henry’s world.

My Henry is published by Harper Collins. I was sent the book for review for free, all opinions are my own.

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