Mothers Day One Year Ago

Mothers Day One Year Ago

As is it Mothers Day on March 18th (Daddybobbs, take note!), I thought I would take a look back at last years Mothers Day. What a difference a year makes!

This time last year we were living in a beautiful three bedroomed apartment in the sunny climate of San Jose, California. I was getting ready to celebrating my first Mothers Day with Hollybobbs and sending out not-so-subtle reminders to John that he was required to partake, Holly not exactly at present-buying age as yet. Well he took my hints very well and on the Sunday I awoke to a very quiet apartment, and a little note saying Daddy and Baby would be back soon.

Not long later they rolled in, Daddy looking very proud of himself. He presented me with a card and gift bag and my eyes lit up at the monogram on the bag – Coach. He hadn’t?!

Yup, he had. A beautiful Coach handbag, card from Bobbs and a strip of photos of him and Holly which he had taken in the mall photo booth. I was surprised and thrilled!

We decided to spend the day by the pool at our apartment complex. The weather was beautiful and we spent a few hours sitting in the hot tub, swimming with Holly in her rubber ring and lazing on the sunbed whilst Baby Girl took her nap.

We have come a long way in a year (5000 miles to be exact) and I am excited to see where the next year will take us. And the presents only get better, right? 😉

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